Carpet Cleaning & Carpet washing Hong kong

Carpet Washing HK: Hand-Washing Methods

At carpet washing HK we offer a wide range of carpet washing and cleaning techniques. We specialize in traditional hand-washing methods and utilize our own special shampoo formulas which contain no harsh chemicals and are easy on the environment. Before we start cleaning we gently remove dust particles from the carpet. We then soak the carpet in clean water, which allows shampoo to penetrate deeply into the pile. After careful hand brushing, we rinse the carpet thoroughly with more clean water to remove all shampoo. We then use vacuum extractors to remove most of the moisture from the carpet. After the carpet has been hung to dry, we re-wash the fringes and dry some more. If required, additional stain work is carried out at this point. please call us today @ 6321 1040 for best carpet washing/cleaning options in HK.